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Our Strategic Plan November 4, 2014

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Our Objectives November 4, 2014

a)  To unite all persons engaged in the business of tourism industry to serve as voice of Tours of Operators. b) To formulate and uphold the highest standards of tourism business ethics. c) To stimulate and promote tourism to Zanzibar. d) To initiate, encourage and conduct research to benefit the tourism industry. e) To foster unity among all persons, companies and their sector groups or associations, which seek to contribute to the quality tourism. f) To ensure that every tour operator is accorded fair treatment and opportunity and that only licensed tour operators are allowed to engage as tour operators or tourist agents. g) To encourage the development of domestic tourism. h) To extend recognition of the wide economic, social and cultural benefits tourism brings to Zanzibar and the increased understanding and goodwill it brings between peoples of all countries. i) To act as the Tourism Industry advisor to the Zanzibar Government on all aspects of tourism and to co-operate and work with all Government agencies to achieve these objectives. j) To act as the Tourism Industry advisor to the local government authorities and work with them to achieve these objectives. k) To introduce, foster and co-ordinate development in the tourism industry in Zanzibar in a manner which recognizes the

Welcome To Zanzibar Association Of Tour Operators October 30, 2014

ZATO is a membership organisation formed by Zanzibar Tour Operators who are Zanzibari by law. This organization is incorporated under the Companies Decree [Cap. 153] and that it is a company limited by Guarantee. Tour operator Is an entity whose primary purpose is to plan, arrange tours and/or Zanzibar vacation packages and market them on domestic, regional and worldwide destinations. The cost of such tour and vacation packages generally includes land transportation in Zanzibar, ground arrangements such as accommodations, meals, local guides and other related services.